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日常治疗 Daily Treatment张静个展将于3月5日开幕

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日常治疗 Daily Treatment张静个展将于3月5日开幕

  日常治疗 Daily Treatment

  艺术家 | Artist:张静 Jing Zhang

  策展人 | Curator:徐天楚 Tianchu Xu

  画廊 | Gallery:纽约时代 TIME ARTS

  开幕 | Opening Reception:2020.03.05 6-8pm

  时间 | Dates:2020.03.05-04.10

  地址:178 Bleecker Street 2nd floor New York, NY 10012



  纽约时代画廊(Time Arts)很荣幸推出艺术家张静在纽约的首次个人展览《日常治疗》,展览将于2020年3月5日开幕。展出艺术家近年的绘画作品,展期为2020年3月5日至2020年4月10日。张静此次展出的作品,是在回忆与现实的拉扯间创作的,试图在陌生的环境中找寻身份认同。




日常治疗 Daily Treatment张静个展将于3月5日开幕

  Time Arts is pleased to announce Daily Treatment, a solo exhibition of New York based artist Jing Zhang. Zhang's work features her struggle between memories and reality, seeking a cultural identity in an unfamiliar environment.

  In the polaroid series Daily Treatment, Zhang uses acrylics and watercolors to fill in missing parts of naturally-faded polaroid photographs, creating new "fake scenes" on blurred images. Moving to New York and escaping her accustomed life generated a feeling of fear for the unknown. When she took the photos, she indicated the time and her mood in the blank portion of the polaroid paper. In her later attempt to reproduce and revise her experiences, the details of the memory might be inadvertently modified... How can this improvised "self-identity" be defined?

  The watercolor series Daily Treatment: A person walks so deeply in the disease that his days turn into flickering sparks is a recording of the artist's self-dialogue as she searches for the fragments of memory. As an artist, Zhang is extremely sensitive to the physical environment. During her years of traveling around the world, she gradually unblocked bottlenecks in her creation and moved out of her comfort zone. Zhang began to use watercolors to continuously construct images and trace memories, realizing the close connection between memories and the present.

  Zhang's artistic practice is devoted to constructing an ideal world in different contexts and defining her own identity by visually capturing the surrounding environment. When the viewers are exposed to the works of Daily Treatment, they are already separated from the real world and enters Zhang’s constructed realm, which existed to release her memories.

  This exhibition will be on view from March 5, 2020, to April 20, 2020.

日常治疗 Daily Treatment张静个展将于3月5日开幕

  日常治疗 | The Daily Treatment

  Watercolor on Paper

  16×16 cm

  6 3/10 × 6 3/10 in









日常治疗 Daily Treatment张静个展将于3月5日开幕

  日常治疗 | The Daily Treatment

  Polaroid Paper

  8×10 cm

  3 9/10 × 3 1/10 in


  The daily treatment: A person walks so deeply in the disease that his days turn into flickering sparks.

  There is no existence of strictly personal memory.

  The obstinate and unique inner world is often invaded violently by the outside world in an unexpected way and time.

  Therefore, I became my own disease.

  I was lost and kept wandering, saying goodbye to my disease with a victory smile as I acted like I won the battle. I felt like a bird trapped in a glass box. I wanted to be free. In the end, I achieved nothing but only bleeding wounds from my countless failed attempts.

  Those scattered days are utterly not coherent. As I tried to record my life clearly, watercolors became the perfect medication. I believed no one is willing to show their identity completely, and concealment is no doubt a part of human growth. Still, I look up to the simple hopes and subtle flourishes in life; they are always a part of me. As I opened my eyes, I saw the sun dying the woods, in a radiant red; night befalls, flickering fireflies started dancing right before my own eyes. Those were the sceneries that never got to appear in my memories. I began to regret being an unawakenable Dreamer.

  Do you wish to know what defines Love?

  A Solitary Tree.

  An Unbreakable Rock.

  A Transitory Cloud.

日常治疗 Daily Treatment张静个展将于3月5日开幕

  看不见的背影 | Invisible Back Shadow

  Oil on Canvas

  30×40 cm

  11 4/5 × 19 3/10 in





  About Curator

  Tianchu Xu, an independent curator, creative writer based in New York City.

  She received her M.A. degree in Arts Administration from Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), USA.

日常治疗 Daily Treatment张静个展将于3月5日开幕

  午夜 | MidnightOil on Wood Board 20×25 cm9 4/5 × 7 9/10 in2019




  Jing Zhang1979,Born in Xi’an, Shanxi Province, China 1999Studied at Xi’an School of Fine Arts, China Currently lives and works in Beijing, New York